Manufactured & sold by StonCor ME (PO Box 3034 Dubai UAE) under licence from Flowcrete UK.

Food and Beverage

Food manufacturing environments are exposed to a wide variety of corrosive by-products and contaminants including fats, hot oils, blood, sugar solutions and natural food acids - all of which can deteriorate insufficiently robust surfaces in a clean zone, resulting in uncontrolled bacterial growth and putting the site at risk of contamination incidents.

To ensure the sanitary integrity of the production area it is essential to have a floor finish that facilitates fast and effective cleaning to wash all contaminants out of the area. To achieve this the floor needs to be seamless and impervious as well as pitched to a fall and have coving and stainless steel drainage incorporated into the finish. All of these flooring properties need to be maintained for an extended period of time despite the inevitable chemical attack, thermal shock, physical impacts and intense wear that a large-scale food manufacturing facility will inflict on the floor. 

To minimise contamination as much as possible in this industry, HACCP International has certified building materials that have been tested to a high hygiene standard. The Flowfresh range of antimicrobial enhanced, polyurethane floors have been HACCP International certified thanks to its ability to consistently provide a clean, high performance finish within food and beverage environments.

The antimicrobial agent Polygiene® is included within every Flowfresh floor; this silver ion based additive is able to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99.9% on the surface of the floor. Flowfresh meets the ISO 22916 standard, which measures a surface’s antibacterial effectiveness.

The combination of HACCP International certification and ISO 22196 compliance proves that Flowfresh is uniquely tailored to meet the industry’s stringent hygiene demands.

Many food processing environments are prone to wet working conditions, for example in fish processing or dairy facilities. To avoid painful slips and trips the floor can be textured to enhance traction underfoot and make it safer for workers moving around on-site.

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