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Car Park Protection Suite

  • Car Park Protection Suite

Flowcrete has developed the Car Park Protection Suite concept so that any car park, regardless of scale, can make its supply chain more efficient by sourcing the majority of the parking facility’s protective elements direct from one supplier, with one point of contact and under one manufacturer’s warranty.

We are able to offer this service thanks to our vast product range that includes a heavy duty screed, polyurethane traffic coating, anti-carbonation paint and rubber accessories (wall and corner guards, wheel stops and speed humps). You can find more about these components below: 

The Car Park Protection Suite

Isocrete HD K-Screed

Isocrete HD K-Screed is a semi-dry, cementitious screed incorporating proprietary additives to produce a high strength screed capable of withstanding the intense weight of a fully loaded car park facility. Isocrete HD K-Screed’s innovative “K” additive also reduces the water content in the mix design leading to significantly shorter cure times and reduces/eliminates the risk of shrinkage cracks.

When used in conjunction with Deckshield traffic coating systems, Flowcrete can offer a through-the-floor warranty giving developers peace-of-mind when choosing their flooring solution. 

Deckshield ID/ED

Deckshield ID/ED are flexible, solvent free polyurethane traffic coating systems which provide seamless and colourful finishes and carry a proven track record in some of the region’s busiest car parks.

The longevity of the Deckshield systems can be attributed to several key factors. Importantly, the full polyurethane formulation of the systems makes them incredibly hard wearing and long lasting, in comparison to more common hybrid systems on the market that combine a polyurethane topcoat with an epoxy primer. This epoxy element is more brittle and prone to failure than the polyurethane primer of Deckshield ID/ED, meaning that Deckshield is better able to withstand deflection caused by intense multiflow traffic.  

This innovative design is combined with a thick system build up that ensures a sufficient amount of resin content is applied to resist the heavy, continuous traffic and to avoid early delamination of the system.

Deckshield Concrecoat

Deckshield Concrecoat is a single component, water based anti-carbonation system for use on the walls, columns, soffits and ceilings in interior parking structures. It can be applied onto a wide variety of substrates including; concrete, plaster, brick and asbestos cement.

Anti-carbonation paint provides a protective coating for car park structures, resistant to the attack of Chlorides, Carbon Dioxide and other acidic gases that are a product of high vehicular traffic.

Deckshield Concrecoat can be used to add coloured zones to large scale car parks allowing visitors to find their vehicles easier, and its high reflective properties enhance brightness around the facility. 

Deckshield Accessories

Deckshield Accessories are a range of rubber products that promote safety and protection from vehicles when manoeuvring around high traffic parking facilities. As well as wall and corner guards, speed humps are available to slow down light traffic and wheel stops can aid drivers when reversing into spaces.

The rubber accessories are made of high quality, recycled materials that are rich in rubber and available in UV stable grades allowing adequate protection from the harsh Middle Eastern climate. 

Green Benefits

Utilising our Car Park Protection Suite also allows architects and developers to be pro-active in qualifying for Green Building credits such as BREEAM and LEED. As an Emirates Green Building Council member, we understand the importance of locally available products and manufacture in the UAE and KSA. This means that credits can be earned for projects within a 500 mile radius, as well as the potential to cut down on transportation by sourcing various elements from the same

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